World War I Soldiers Remembered: Leroy Daniel Ford

27 Apr

LeroyDFord gallery

Leroy Daniel Ford was born May 21, 1896 in Goochland. His parents were Lee Ford and Minnie Keeton. Leroy was a 21 year old machine operator living in Richmond when he was drafted on June 28, 1917. According to his Registration Card, we know he was single, tall, of medium build and had gray eyes and dark brown hair.

He was inducted into service on June 28, 1917 and sent to Fort Monroe, Virginia, assigned to the Coast Artillery. The following was written by Leroy Ford and is in the records of the society.

“I enlisted in the coast artillery in June 1917. Was sent to Fortress Monroe for training. They called for volunteers there for over sea service and 9 volunteered and was sent to Camp Mills, New York, and left there for France Aug. 18, 1917. We sailed on the Covington. It took us 13 days to cross over. We were shot at once by torpedoes but not hit. We landed at St. Nazare (Saint-Nazaire), and stayed there 7 days. From there went to Moeire (sic), was there two weeks, from there went to Savoy. Was on guard duty there. Went from Savoy to Aucavoir (sic). I spent my first Christmas over seas there. We were hiking here, snow up to our knees, from 7 am to 9 pm. Would cover from 18 to 20 miles. From Aucavoir (sic) to Rollin Point. Stayed here 35 days. We went to school here to learn traffic duty. Went from Rollin Point to Luneiville (Lunéville) Sector 22nd Feb. 18 to 24 March 1918. Baccarat, 24th Mar. St. Clement Sector 24th Mar. to June 15th 1918. We held the trenches here Champagne-Marne Defensive 15th July to 18 July 1918. Aisne-Marne Offensive 18th July to 6th August 1918. St-Mihiel Offensive 12th and 13th Sept. 1918. Minor operations were 14th Sept. to 25th Sept. 1918. Operations between Meuse and Moselle (Meuse Argonne Offensive) 26th Sept. to Nov. 11 1918. Army of occupation 27th Nov. 1918 to April 1919. Was discharged from service at Camp Meade May 6 1919. Leroy D. Ford”

Ford arrived back at Hoboken on April 2, 1919 and was officially discharged on May 6 of the same year. Leroy returned to work in Richmond and married Lelah S. in October of 1919. They remained married until her death in 1991. Leroy passed away on May 2, 1995, at 99 years of age. He is buried in the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.

LeroyDFord0001 adj

Leroy Ford after the war.

If you have any photographs of World War I service men and women from Goochland, please contact the Goochland County Historical Society. We would love to scan your photographs and add them to the World War I Commemorative Collection. Contact us at 804-556-3966 or at


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