50 years ago this week!

22 Mar

In March of 1968, Elie Weeks and Circuit Court Deputy Clerk Margaret V. Henley met to discuss the upcoming meeting to establish the Goochland County Historical Society. The following article is the call to action that was published by the Goochland Gazette on March 21, 1968.

Elie Weeks and Margaret Henley

Elie Weeks and Margaret V. Henley

Historical Society

By Ellie Weeks

There will be a meeting of all persons interested in establishing a Goochland County Historical Society on Monday night, March 25th, 8 pm, in the County Courtroom of the new annex to the Courthouse at Goochland.

Mrs. Margaret Henley, deputy clerk has arranged for Mr. Porter Wright, Secretary of the Louisa County Historical Society, to be present for the purpose of advising us on the problems a new Society faces and to explain the projects that the Louisa Society is sponsoring.

The State of Virginia has established a Historical Landmarks Commission which is making an inventory of all landmarks on a statewide basis. Copies, with photographs and descriptions, of each landmark will be filed with the Federal Landmarks Commission in Washington, DC. It is hoped that this will tend to delay or prevent the destruction of irreplaceable landmarks.

It is hoped that the members of the Goochland County Historical Society can assist in locating, identifying and making an inventory of our landmarks. The Society should maintain a master file of landmarks and provide the basic data of the State Commission.

Another worthwhile project might be the preparation of a booklet listing some of our more outstanding landmarks and attractions. There is also a possibility of establishing museum in the Old Stone Jail at the Courthouse. In it memorabilia, photographs, maps, papers, and artifacts could be deposited, either on loan or as gifts. There they could be adequately preserved in a relatively fireproof building, in rooms next to the Sheriff’s office where pilferage would be less likely. These rooms have recently be restored by our Board of Supervisors. Adequate light, heat, air conditioning and toilet facilities have been installed.

Goochland County is far from being first in forming such a Society. In fact the Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission has an eight page list of Societies in Virginia which are concerned with preserving the records of our past as a means of guiding our footsteps while we move forward into the unknown future.

If you are interested in this project, please attend the meeting at 8 pm Monday, March 25th, at the Courthouse Annex. Your support and advice are needed at this organizational meeting.


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